With Christian McCaffrey, short passes could become a big play for Panthers

With Christian McCaffrey, short passes could become a big play for Panthers

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. — After one practice, jersey already has found cheap jersey a way to help make running back look pretty good.

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First, the quarterback handed off to the No. 8 draft pick a handful of times early in Wednesday evening’s session. McCaffrey burst through the line, juked defenders and dashed all the way to the end zone — as fans erupted in the loudest cheers of the night.

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“We’re just working a lot of different things, different ways to get the ball in his hands,” Carolina coach Ron Rivera said. “The screen pass obviously is one of them. It’s a weapon, it’s a tool we’ve used in the past. But we do know it’s something he runs very well.”

cheap jerseys authentic And after practice was over, and McCaffrey signed autographs for fans watching training camp at Wofford College, Newton came swooping in to swipe the spotlight — something McCaffrey was more than happy to abdicate to the star quarterback.

Wholesale Dominique Davis jersey “It’s great, man,” said McCaffrey, the rookie out of Stanford. “He does such a great job of reading us and getting us in the right positions. I’m just excited to play with him.”

He paused and nodded toward Newton, who was basking in cheers of fans begging for his attention and signature.

“Look, he’s kind of doing this for me,” McCaffrey said, smiling.

Newton might have set up McCaffrey, but Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula said the speed and agility he showed on the field was pure skill.

“His instincts show up on the field naturally,” Shula said.

McCaffrey missed all but the last day of OTAs and minicamp because of the NFL rule prohibiting rookies from schools with quarter systems from participating until classes are over.

“He hasn’t been here. He’s got to get used to the timing, the speed, where he’s got to be, when he’s got to be there, making quicker adjustments,” Shula said. “But he’s another one for the first day, I think we were pleasantly pleased.”

McCaffrey, for his part, said he was happy to finally be on the field with his Panthers teammates.

“It just felt good getting back, running around, playing football,” he said. “I saw a couple holes and made the most of it.”

McCaffrey just might have stolen the spotlight from Newton for one night. In at least one souvenir stand outside the stadium, McCaffrey jerseys outsold Newton jerseys, according to a cashier.

“There are a couple of things he does he does very well,” Rivera said. “Once the ball is in his hands he can make people miss. He flashed. Again, that’s what we’re hoping for.”

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