Month: November 2017

Month: November 2017

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OXNARD, Calif. — As offensive coordinator Scott Linehan thought about it after Thursday’s practice, he could not recall an interception by QB Dak Prescott jersey during the Dallas Cowboys jersey’ offseason program. None in cheap jersey the nine organized team activities. None in the three-day June minicamp.

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On Prescott’s second throw of practice on Thursday, he was nudged from the side and a pass intended for receiver Dez Bryant jersey jersey sailed high and into the arms of cornerback Anthony Brown jersey.

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Then, in seven-on-seven drills, Prescott tried to fit a pass through tight zone coverage to wide receiver Brice Butler jersey jersey, but linebacker Mark Nzeocha jersey read Prescott’s eyes and jumped the play for the pick. Linehan was not pleased with that decision.

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Cheap Chaz Green jersey “The great thing about him is, ‘Yeah, I got greedy there. I’m not sure, a little temporary insanity there for some reason,’” Linehan said.

A year ago, what Prescott did best was protect the ball. He had just four interceptions to go with his 23 touchdown passes. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Prescott’s 5.75 touchdown-to-interception ratio was seventh-best in NFL history. Tom Brady jersey jersey posted the best ratio (28 touchdowns, two interceptions) last year.

Prescott opened his career with 176 straight passes without an interception, the most without a pick to open a career in NFL history. Then, after posting interceptions in back-to-back games, he went five straight without one. Two of his four interceptions came in one game (at the New York Giants jersey).

Many wonder how Prescott will do in his second year — but not anybody associated with the Cowboys.

“He’s one of the hardest-working guys I’ve seen at the quarterback position in a long time,” receiver Cole Beasley jersey jersey said. “His approach and his mindset will control that, and he’s had a great approach so far. He’s the type of guy that’s going to grind no matter what and continue to get better no matter how good he gets.”

Given his accomplishments, Prescott has set a high bar. Of the six rookie quarterbacks who have won at least 11 games in their first year, Russell Wilson jersey, Ben Roethlisberger jersey, Matt Ryan jersey jersey, Joe Flacco jersey jersey and Andrew Luck jersey jersey posted better touchdown-to-interception ratios in their second season. But the second-best to Prescott’s 5.75 rookie ratio was Wilson at only 2.60.

Last year Prescott was just figuring out the Cowboys’ offense, but he is taking more chances in practice this year to test his limits.

“For the most part, I’m just executing the play and what comes with what I see,” Prescott said. “I’m going to react off that. That just comes with preparation out here. Now, I think being at camp and these extra reps, this will give me time to rate, I guess, my risk versus reward, kind of test it sometimes. I may go into practice one day and just gamble the whole practice, but that’s what this time is for, so when I get in the game I know my chances.”

Linehan said Prescott knows when the coach is angry, “because I give him a look.” The look came Thursday, but Linehan knows how Prescott will respond.

“He gets mad and he gets over it,” Linehan said. “He’s really coachable. I don’t really get mad at him. … The best thing you can do when you have a negative play is you get to sit there. It might make you mad, but you can’t get frustrated. He’s really good at going to the next play. That’s what we work on.”

After Brown’s interception, Prescott rifled a slant through traffic to Bryant.

Because Prescott was so good last season, it is difficult to remember he is going into only his second season. He has just 16 games of regular-season action and one playoff game to his credit. He has plenty to learn.

So did Wilson, Roethlisberger, Flacco, Luck and Ryan. Of that group, only Ryan did not win a playoff game in his second season. Roethlisberger and Wilson each won a Super Bowl in Year 2.

The expectations for Prescott are high, but so is the ceiling.

“I’m only one year in, so there’s a lot that I can get better at,” Prescott said. “There’s more reps that I’ll encounter. There’s a lot more defensive looks that will come my way. So it’s a lot that I can get better at knowledge-wise. I can get my feet better. I can get better from dropping back from under the center, better accuracy. So it’s not one thing that I’m going to point out and say I need to work on: ‘This is what I can get better at.’ I just need to get better altogether at the quarterback position.”

Month: November 2017

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — It’s only one day into New York Giants jersey training camp and already Odell Beckham jersey Jr jersey.’s contract has become the topic of discussion. That didn’t take long.

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The release of his UNINTERRUPTED video that expressed his desire to be the NFL’s top-paid player was quite coincidental. Point taken as negotiations have disappointingly yet to begin for the star wide receiver.

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Odell Beckham jersey Jr jersey. will surely be celebrating when he signs his next NFL contract, which could be for a nine-figure total. Brad Penner/USA TODAY SportsBut not much has changed since the last time we discussed what a new deal for Beckham would cost the Giants. In summation … a ton, according to four league sources.

wholesale jerseys From my June 8 column:

Wholesale Valerian Ume-Ezeoke jersey The Giants aren’t ready to sit down and discuss numbers just yet, partly because they still have Beckham under contract for two more seasons, with the potential for an additional two years on top of that with the franchise tag. Why make such a massive financial commitment now when they have him under their control for another two to four years?

For one, the price is likely only to head north as he inches closer to free agency. Every year means millions more destined for the Beckham vault, already flush with fresh Nike money.

[Update: That Nike deal pays him $5.8 million per year and he’s set to make more than $10 million this year in endorsements.]

Beckham is at the point in his career where he is ready to bank. He’s entering his fourth professional season. This is the first offseason he’s eligible under the collective bargaining agreement to be extended. After three Pro Bowl seasons in three years, all indications are that he would like negotiations to have begun yesterday.

When they do, it will be for a deal that league sources involved in negotiations, although not specifically with Beckham, insist will be “huge” and “massive.” They agree it should be record-setting for a wide receiver.

One source is confident that when the deal is made, it will dwarf what Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown jersey received earlier this offseason. Think in excess of $100 million and more than $20 million per season, and possibly even bigger than the $113 million total package negotiated by former Detroit Lions jersey wide receiver Calvin Johnson jersey jersey in 2012.

Brown netted an extension worth four years and $68 million, with $19 million guaranteed earlier this offseason. All four sources polled believe that Beckham’s new deal should top the $17 million average per year (APY) Brown received in his third contract with the Steelers.

Beckham, 24, is still playing on his rookie deal. He will make $1.8 million in 2017, a number significantly below his market value or production level. He will make somewhere in the $8 million range if he plays under his fifth-year option next season.

One cheap jersey source predicted Beckham’s deal will approach a net value of $17.5 million per season, with somewhere in the range of $55 million guaranteed.

This is because of what Beckham brings as a player. None of the sources seem to think Beckham’s dollar value will be inflated much, if at all, by his popularity and/or marketability. Among NFL players, he was the only non-quarterback on ESPN’s fame list.

But the sources believe that’s negligible when it comes to contract negotiations, in part because of the salary cap. What’s more likely a significant factor is when he signs.

Beckham is part of a wide receiving quartet that includes his best friend, Jarvis Landry jersey jersey, of the Miami Dolphins jersey, Tampa Bay’s Mike Evans jersey and Houston’s DeAndre Hopkins jersey jersey. All appear destined for impending new deals with their respective teams. None may be at Beckham’s level on the field, but the more the market sets — and likely with big numbers — the more the last one to sign will pocket, one source predicted.

Of the four top receivers signed in the 2015 offseason (Dez Bryant jersey jersey, Demaryius Thomas jersey jersey, A.J. Green jersey jersey and Julio Jones jersey jersey), Green was the last to sign. He received the largest APY at $15 million.

NFL’s Top Wide Receiver ContractsPlayerSignedTermsGuaranteedAverage Per YearAntonio Brown jersey20174 years, $68M$19M$17MA.J. Green jersey jersey20154 years, $60M$32.75M$15MJulio Jones jersey jersey20155 years, $71.25M$47M$14.25MDez Bryant jersey jersey20155 years, $70M$45M$14MDemaryius Thomas jersey jersey20155 years, $70M$43M$14MThese are all big numbers. Beckham is going to get paid. That is the bottom line, especially with the salary cap rising a significant amount every year.

Whenever it happens, Beckham will be shooting for the stars when negotiations begin for a new deal. And it will happen. Owner John Mara has already said he wants Beckham to be a Giant for life.

But what will be a reasonable price? Beckham wants to be the highest-paid receiver and player. A lofty but unrealistic goal. He doesn’t play quarterback. Nine of the top 10-paid players this season are quarterbacks. Beckham is a wide receiver. He’s destined for top wide receiver money. Nothing wrong with that, just like there is nothing wrong with him asking for the moon.

Eventually he’ll have to settle for that next-level wide receiver money. It’s just a matter of how much that is when he gets a new deal.

Month: November 2017

Cheap Kyle Long jersey

LATROBE, Pa. — Center Maurkice Pouncey jersey tried to make light of Le’Veon Bell jersey’s situation Thursday by offering him a year of his contract, then saying Bell should report “so you guys don’t have to ask the same questions every day.”

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But Bell’s absence as the Pittsburgh Steelers jersey reported for training camp Thursday was a bit unsettling, as if the team has to move on from Bell while preparing to play with him, someday.

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Here’s what we know about Bell’s situation, and what’s next.

cheap jerseys Some teammates, though they understand the business side, aren’t thrilled that Bell is missing time and believe he should be here in good faith. Others are OK with it and expected the absence because they realize cheap jersey Bell doesn’t want to risk injury.Antonio Brown jersey is especially not thrilled, believing this is a special team and “we need all of our guys here,” he told reporters after pulling up in a 1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom.The Steelers think Bell can have an MVP-type season — guard Ramon Foster jersey mentioned that Thursday — but are prepared to go without him temporarily if necessary. This is a telling quote from guard David DeCastro jersey, who is one of Bell’s biggest supporters: “The biggest thing with football, no matter who you are, this thing moves on without you.”It appears this has been Bell’s plan all along, with the player telling ESPN last week that he needs only a few practices and maybe one preseason game to be ready. This hints at a mid-to-late-August return, in time for the third preseason game Aug. 26 against the Indianapolis Colts jersey. The third game is when the first-team offense plays much of the first half. Chiefs safety Eric Berry jersey jersey followed the late-August plan after waiting to sign his franchise tender, then having a big year. He’s now on a six-year, $78 million extension.Some with the Steelers believe Bell made a mistake by not taking the team’s long-term offer since a multitude of factors, including injury or free agency, could take Bell out of Pittsburgh for his prime years.Bell believes he’s the kind of elite running back/receiver combo that exceeds the traditional running back market, which is the crux of all this. And he’s probably right, though future money isn’t guaranteed to reflect that thought.Coach Mike Tomlin is a big Bell supporter and has been in communication with the player. He believes Bell stays in shape all year so that’s not the issue. The issues are rust and the lack of team-building, which he believes are important factors, as do some of the players.Bell isn’t afraid of potentially leaving long-term money on the table if he gets hurt because, as he told ESPN last week, he’s never had money all his life until now, and he’s never seen anything close to $12.1 million. He’s cool with waiting.Despite all these things, here’s the good news for the Steelers: Bell doesn’t plan to miss a down in 2017 and will probably be the same dominant player as last year barring injury.Then, perhaps next year’s camp will strike a far different tone.

Month: November 2017

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The Oakland Raiders jersey are planning to release offensive tackle Austin Howard jersey on Friday, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

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Early on Friday morning, Howard posted on Instagram that he was “grateful” for his three seasons with the team.

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A post shared by Austin Howard jersey (@realaustinhoward77) on Jul 28, 2017 at 12:38am PDT

cheap jerseys from china Howard has started 39 games over the last three seasons for the Raiders.

Cheap Marcus Gilchrist jersey He joined Oakland in 2014, signing a five-year, $30 million deal that included $15 million guaranteed. He played for the Jets from 2011 to 2013.

Month: November 2017

Cheap Troy Hill jersey

That sound you heard this week was the opening of NFL training camps. We’re inside six weeks now until the start of the regular season, and the grunting and sweating that’s happening on all those far-flung practice fields will soon yield to real results.

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The play-by-play you get of camp practices can be fun, and it can soothe your football-starved soul. But it doesn’t ultimately make much of a difference as to what happens once the real games start. Far more likely to matter is what’s come before — the moves made this offseason long before camps opened.

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With that in mind, and with camps open across the league, here’s a look at the offseason moves likely to have a major impact on the 2017 NFL season, in no particular order:

wholesale jerseys from china The Oakland Raiders jersey hit fast forwardThe biggest Raiders news of the offseason was the cheap jersey approval they got to move to Las Vegas after two or three more years in Oakland. But that news seems to only have intensified the team’s desire to win very, very soon — as in, before it leaves the Bay Area. Luring running back Marshawn Lynch jersey out of retirement, adding Jared Cook jersey jersey to an already potent pass-catching corps, signing quarterback Derek Carr jersey for the long term, extending coach Jack Del Rio … all of these moves signify a franchise flush with confidence and the highest of hopes for the very immediate future. Regardless of location.

Cheap Troy Hill jersey The New York Giants jersey sign Brandon Marshall jersey jerseyThe Giants got a major break here, getting the veteran wideout on the cheap in part because he didn’t want to leave the New York market after getting cut by the Jets. Marshall averages 104 catches for 1,341 yards and nine touchdowns in his first year after changing teams, and this is the fourth time he has changed teams. He’s 33, and at some point he and those trends will slow down. But in the meantime, Marshall should be a great help to superstar wideout Odell Beckham jersey Jr jersey. and to quarterback Eli Manning jersey jersey, who too often last season didn’t have enough reliable targets.

Brandin Cooks jersey jersey will give Tom Brady jersey jersey a crucial deep threat, and the Patriots’ offense could be special. Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty ImagesBill Belichick gets trade-happyWe’ve long known the New England Patriots jersey’ coach loves to trade draft picks, but usually he’s dealing them for other draft picks. This offseason, the Patriots dealt for wide receiver Brandin Cooks jersey jersey, pass-rusher Kony Ealy jersey jersey jersey and tight end Dwayne Allen jersey jersey. They also gave up a pick to sign restricted free-agent running back Mike Gillislee jersey jersey away from Buffalo — the team from whom they signed top free-agent cornerback Stephon Gilmore jersey jersey jersey. It was a bold and creative offseason by a coach who has won five Super Bowls and seems determined to win as many as possible before his and Tom Brady jersey jersey’s window closes.

New friends for Jameis Winston jerseyEditor’s PicksBiggest questions for every NFL teamHow will playing on a one-year deal affect Redskins QB Kirk Cousins jersey? Will Andrew Luck jersey jersey be the Colts’ Week 1 starter? What’s Le’Veon Bell jersey’s plan for the preseason? NFL Nation assesses the biggest questions entering training camp.

Starting lineup, 53-man roster projections for every NFL teamWho’s on the bubble? Which rookie could surprise? NFL Nation reporters take a crack at a preliminary 53-man roster and starting lineup projection and preview what to expect in training camp for every team.

Barnwell: NFL’s best (and worst) arsenalsNo quarterbacks, offensive linemen or coordinators allowed — just pass-catchers and running backs. From 32-1, we’re ranking every team’s offensive weapons.

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey added premier deep-threat wideout DeSean Jackson jersey in free agency, a move that should open up the field in unprecedented ways for quarterback Winston and star wideout Mike Evans jersey. They also drafted Alabama tight end O.J. Howard in the first round, a move that should open up things for Cameron Brate jersey as a pass-catcher and help the run game as Howard develops at the NFL level. The Bucs were one of 2016’s surprise stories, and they look to keep it going around their young quarterback.

Richard Sherman jersey stays putWhether he asked for a trade, whether the Seattle Seahawks jersey just got tired of the antics … none of that is really relevant, because coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider made it publicly clear they were listening to offers for their heart-and-soul cornerback. They ended up keeping him, which is the right move. Contract and cap issues will make it tough for Seattle to keep its secondary together after this season, but right now the NFC is still the Seahawks’ for the taking if the offense can hold up its end. Keeping the defense together for at least one more run was the way to go.

The Los Angeles Rams jersey hire young and oldThe new coach is energetic, talented offensive mind Sean McVay, age 31. The new defensive coordinator is the venerable Wade Phillips, age 70, last seen turning the Denver Broncos jersey’ defense into a championship-caliber monster. The combination should mean new energy and excitement for a Rams team that has hit some doldrums. Whether it means success depends on how much McVay has with young quarterback Jared Goff jersey.

Open season on general managersThe teams that changed GMs at odd times of the year included the Indianapolis Colts jersey, Buffalo Bills jersey, Kansas City Chiefs jersey and Carolina Panthers jersey. The latter two were stunning summer surprises. The changes in Buffalo and Kansas City signify increased power for the head coaches. The one in Carolina could signal a return to some bad, old-style spending habits. The one in Indy is, the Colts hope, the best chance to put a contender around Andrew Luck jersey jersey as he develops. Long term, though, the impact is this: If you’re an NFL GM, there’s no time of year when you can believe your job is safe.

First-round pick Jamal Adams jersey is an early front-runner for Defensive Rookie of the Year. Ed Mulholland/USA TODAY SportsThe New York Jets jersey draft safety Jamal Adams jerseyLook, it feels as if everything we say and write about the Jets is doom and gloom, and for the most part there’s good reason for that. I don’t expect them to be a good team in 2017. But Adams, the No. 6 overall pick, could be the most NFL-ready player in this year’s rookie class, and the expectation is that he’ll emerge as a leader right away and solidify things on that defense as the team adds pieces in the years to come. A great long-view pick for a team that has to be thinking that way.

The Cleveland Browns jersey build the lineThis is another team that appears to be years away from contending. But adding Kevin Zeitler jersey jersey and JC Tretter jersey jersey in free agency and re-signing Joel Bitonio jersey jersey long term signifies a team that knows what a rebuild is all about. Getting better up front will only help whoever the quarterback turns out to be, and it will help the Browns be a better running team and a tougher team to play in 2017.

Sam Bradford jersey gets some help … maybeAre Riley Reiff jersey jersey jersey and Mike Remmers jersey jersey jersey the answers at tackle for a Minnesota Vikings jersey team whose 2016 season fell apart due to poor play at those positions? Their free-agent price tags say they are. Their histories say “maybe, maybe not.” Bradford is in the final year of his contract, and the health of former Minnesota first-rounder Teddy Bridgewater jersey jersey is keeping the organization from committing to Bradford just yet. Reiff and Remmers will have a lot to say about how successful Bradford will be in 2017 and how likely he is to stay beyond.

The Houston Texans jersey overhaul quarterback — againA year after dumping Brian Hoyer jersey jersey jersey and overpaying for Brock Osweiler jersey, Houston managed to offload Osweiler’s contract to cap-rich Cleveland and then moved up in the draft to take Clemson’s Deshaun Watson jersey. Whether Watson starts right away remains to be seen (the bet here is that he does). But where the Texans were once convinced Osweiler was the long-term answer, they’re now all-in on the electric youngster who took out Alabama in the national championship game.

The Green Bay Packers jersey sign a free-agent tight end — againLast year it was Jared Cook jersey jersey, who played well enough to get a new deal from the Raiders. This year it’s Martellus Bennett jersey jersey jersey, fresh off a Super Bowl title with the Patriots. A better all-around player than even the dynamic Cook, Bennett will be a fun middle-of-the-field weapon for Aaron Rodgers jersey jersey and an underrated helper to Ty Montgomery jersey jersey and the run game as a blocker.

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan each got six-year contracts in San Francisco, and the 49ers are in for a rebuild. AP Photo/Marcio Jose SanchezThe San Francisco 49ers jersey change coaches — againKyle Shanahan will be the fourth different 49ers coach in four years, but he and new GM John Lynch got six-year deals, which means it’s very unlikely the Niners will change coaches again next year. Shanahan and Lynch are both first-timers in their jobs, so some growing pains should be expected. And they still have to figure out the long-term answer at quarterback. But the long-term commitment indicates a franchise that knows it needs some stability at the top, at long last.

The Carolina Panthers jersey add help for Cam Newton jersey jerseyBattered from the outset, the 2015 NFL MVP endured a nightmare of a 2016 season and is coming off offseason shoulder surgery. The Panthers signed former first-round pick Matt Kalil jersey jersey jersey to play left tackle (two spots over from his brother, Ryan Kalil jersey jersey) and drafted Christian McCaffrey jersey and Curtis Samuel jersey to give Newton some short-range, quick-pass targets. This is all designed to help protect Newton better and prolong his career. How he adjusts to the new style will be one of the big stories of 2017.

Martavis Bryant jersey is reinstatedThe Pittsburgh Steelers jersey’ wide receiver was suspended for four games in 2015 and every game in 2016 for violating the league’s drug policy, but assuming no slip-ups between now and September — he’s still not allowed to practice or play in games — he’ll be back on the field and should add a viable deep threat to Pittsburgh’s already-star-studded passing attack. If they can get running back Le’Veon Bell jersey in camp and keep him, Ben Roethlisberger jersey and Antonio Brown jersey all healthy at the same time, this could be the best offense in the league.

Kirk Cousins jersey tells Washington ‘No, thanks’Washington never came close to offering Cousins the kind of contract it would have taken to keep him from wanting to test next March’s free-agent market, so he’ll play out 2017 on a $24 million franchise tag and likely leave when it’s over. The impact on Washington’s 2017 season remains to be seen, and it’s possible Cousins’ performance suffers from the loss of Pierre Garcon jersey and DeSean Jackson jersey. But the major impact of this move could be a franchise quarterback on the open market in March — and those ripples would be felt league wide for years to come.

Dontari Poe jersey jersey signed a one-year deal in Atlanta, and the Falcons are hoping he helps improve their run defense and pass rush. Dale Zanine-USA TODAY SportsThe Atlanta Falcons jersey beef up their defensive frontYes, of course the offensive playcalling in the Super Bowl deserves to be questioned. But another reason the Falcons blew a 25-point lead to the Patriots is that their defense had nothing left by the fourth quarter. Signing defensive tackle Dontari Poe jersey jersey and drafting Takkarist McKinley jersey in Round 1 deepens the D-line and should help the defense stay stronger later in games.

The Chargers say goodbye to San DiegoNow the Los Angeles Chargers jersey, Philip Rivers jersey’ team will play in a 30,000-seat soccer stadium while their joint venture with the Rams is built. The stadium situation in San Diego wasn’t a great one, but how bad could it really have been to chase them out of town before they had a representative, NFL-caliber place to play home games?

Andrew Luck jersey jersey has shoulder surgeryThe Indianapolis Colts jersey’ franchise quarterback enters camp a question mark following January surgery on his throwing shoulder. There’s optimism in Indy because of the moves new GM Chris Ballard has made to strengthen the team’s future, but none of that matters if Luck can’t get on the field — or if his health is in question once he does.

The Philadelphia Eagles jersey sign Alshon Jeffery jersey jersey jerseyOne thing missing from QB Carson Wentz jersey’s promising rookie year was a true No. 1 wide receiver. Jeffrey — when he’s been able to stay healthy — has shown the ability to be one of those. The Bears had enough, and he ended up in Philly on a one-year, prove-it deal. If he can stay on the field and produce the way he did in Chicago, Jeffery will help the Eagles evaluate Wentz and how much further he still needs to go.

Month: November 2017

Wholesale Muhammad Wilkerson jersey

The Baltimore Ravens jersey have agreed to terms with arena league quarterback David Olson, the NFL Network reported Thursday night.

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The Ravens desperately needed another healthy quarterback after they began training camp Thursday without starter Joe Flacco jersey jersey, who is expected to miss a week because of a back injury. In the first practice of training camp, Baltimore used offensive assistant coach Matt Weiss to line up under center and hand off to running backs in drills.

muhammad wilkerson cyber monday jersey

David Olson played under Ravens coach John Harbaugh’s brother, Jim, at Stanford. AP Photo/Rick ScuteriCoach John Harbaugh had indicated Baltimore was primarily looking for someone to help the team only cheap jersey in the short term and said Colin Kaepernick jersey was a possibility, although nothing was imminent.

cheap jerseys authentic “He’s a really good football player,” Harbaugh said of Kaepernick after practice Thursday. “I believe he’s a really good person. It all depends on a lot of things. It depends on Colin first of all and what’s his passion, what’s his priority, what’s he want to do, what kind of shape he’s in. So we’ll just see where it goes. I don’t think it’s different for us than any other team.”

Wholesale Muhammad Wilkerson jersey Editor’s PicksRavens’ Harbaugh won’t rule out KaepernickBaltimore Ravens jersey coach John Harbaugh won’t rule out a possible addition of QB Colin Kaepernick jersey.

Ravens’ Flacco (back) to sit 1st week of campQuarterback Joe Flacco jersey jersey will miss the first week of Ravens training camp with a back injury, coach John Harbaugh announced Thursday.

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The agreement with Olson would not preclude the Ravens from adding Kaepernick.

Olson worked out for the team Thursday and will join the Ravens on Friday, according to the NFL Network.

He played under Harbaugh’s brother, Jim, at Stanford, where he was beat out by Andrew Luck jersey jersey for the starting job. He transferred to Clemson for his final season and most recently played for the KC Phantoms of Champions Indoor Football.

Month: November 2017

Wholesale Todd Gurley jersey

PITTSFORD, N.Y. — Buffalo Bills jersey defensive lineman Adolphus Washington jersey says he has learned from his mistake after being charged for improperly carrying a concealed weapon outside a water park in suburban Cincinnati.

cyber monday todd gurley jersey

Having pleaded not guilty earlier this week, Washington says he also is relieved he’s still cheap jersey on the Bills’ roster after his arrest on July 9.

todd gurley cyber monday jersey

Editor’s PicksBills D-lineman pleads not guilty to gun chargeBuffalo Bills jersey defensive lineman Adolphus Washington jersey pleaded not guilty Monday in a Cincinnati court to a misdemeanor charge of improperly carrying a concealed firearm.

wholesale jerseys authentic Bills DL arrested for carrying gun at water parkBills defensive lineman Adolphus Washington jersey was arrested for improperly carrying a concealed firearm while at an Ohio water park.

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Declining to discuss what happened, Washington said: “I’m going to keep trying my best to keep doing the right thing.”

A police report says officers were breaking up a crowd at the park when Washington “reached for and displayed a gun while sitting inside his vehicle, just feet away from officers.” Police cruiser and body cam video show Washington in his vehicle, with officers surrounding him and shouting at him to “put the gun down.”

Bills coach Sean McDermott said he was disappointed with what happened but was thankful no one was hurt.

General manager Brandon Beane said the team is moving forward after he and McDermott spoke with Washington.

The Bills selected Washington in the third round of the 2016 draft out of Ohio State.

Month: November 2017

Cheap Quinton Spain jersey

COSTA MESA, Calif. — Los Angeles Chargers jersey brass are cautiously optimistic first-round draft pick Mike Williams jersey can avoid back surgery, but he likely will begin the season on the physically unable to perform list once the team opens training camp Sunday.

black friday quinton spain jersey

“He’s been responding well,” Chargers general manager Tom Telesco said Thursday. “The path, right now, is rehab and strengthening. That’s good news, obviously.”

quinton spain black friday jersey

However, the Clemson product recently received a second epidural shot and has responded positively.

cheap sports jerseys Mike Williams jersey suffered a lower-back disk herniation on the first day of the Chargers’ rookie minicamp in May. AP Photo/Gregory BullThe Chargers hope he can make it onto the field at some point during training camp so they can get him ready for the regular season.

Cheap Quinton Spain jersey Selected No. 7 overall by the Chargers in this year’s draft, the big-bodied wide receiver gives the Chargers another impact player to affect the game on third down and in the red zone.

“He’ll see our doctors this weekend and will get more of a timetable of where he is,” Telesco said. “I think he’s more trending towards not working early in camp, cheap jersey which is not a surprise. But we’ll kind of take it from there.”

Even though Williams has been unable to practice since suffering the injury early in offseason work, Telesco said he has talked to Williams and the rookie remains in good spirits.

“The one thing I talked to him about is mentally, if you’re out here and not practicing, it’s going to be hard on you,” Telesco said. “But, he’s young and I think he can handle it. He’s said all the right things. We’ll have a plan together as far as his rehab is concerned, and he’s got to stay on top of the details. This is his job now.”

Month: November 2017

Cheap Karlos Williams jersey

PITTSFORD, N.Y. — Buffalo Bills jersey wide receiver Sammy Watkins jersey jersey declared his surgically repaired left foot fully healthy Thursday after he had limited action in the Bills’ first practice of training camp.

black friday karlos williams jersey

“My job is really to get back in shape and be out there with the guys,” Watkins said. “I don’t want to hear no more about the foot. The foot is fine. I’m healed.”

karlos williams black friday jersey

The Bills will have Watkins on a “rep count” that will fluctuate up and down during cheap jersey training camp, first-year coach Sean McDermott said Thursday. Watkins took limited snaps in Thursday’s practice, catching two passes from quarterback Tyrod Taylor jersey jersey during 11-on-11 drills.

wholesale sports jerseys Watkins, the fourth overall selection in the 2014 draft, is scheduled for unrestricted free agency next offseason after the Bills declined his $13.3 million fifth-year contract option for the 2018 season.

Cheap Karlos Williams jersey “I’m not concerned about that,” Watkins said Thursday, speaking for the first time since his option was declined in May. “That’s the coaches and the owner. My job is go out there and earn it, and play, and stay healthy. That’s my goal this year.”

In addition to his foot injury, Watkins missed three games because of shin and ankle injuries in 2015. He underwent hip surgery during the 2015 offseason and was limited by broken ribs as a rookie in 2014.

Month: November 2017

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PHILADELPHIA – During team drills Thursday, Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews jersey took off down the field, tracked a long toss from quarterback Nick cheap jersey Foles jersey jersey jersey, leaped into the air and wrestled it away from defensive back Randall Goforth in the end zone. After slowly making his way back to the sideline, a bit of a hitch in his step, he was greeted by a number of enthusiastic teammates who seemed to recognize the moment for being about more than just a highlight catch.

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A number of elements have come together to cloud Matthews’ situation, including a report that surfaced recently suggesting his absence from the practice field this spring was contract-related. Matthews refuted that notion following Thursday’s session.Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews jersey said Thursday he’s not concerned about the lack of talks regarding a contract extension. AP Photo/Matt Rourke”I would literally never do that,” he said. “If you guys know me any from the time I’ve been here, I go to work. This is a privilege to be able to play football regardless, whether it’s the Philadelphia Eagles jersey or it’s anybody, to play in the NFL, I’ve always wanted to do this. So any day I can come out here and play, I’m going to do that. I believe that when you go to work, you’ll end up seeing the fruits of your labor get paid off.

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Matthews was absent for a good portion of the spring because of a lingering knee issue that the team has described as tendinitis. He told reporters after Thursday’s practice that “I hate putting a specific word on it because then people say, ‘Oh, well I’ve played with that before,'” but refused to elaborate on the exact nature of the injury. The 25-year-old did allow that surgery was discussed early on but he decided to let it heal more naturally.

wholesale jerseys When asked what was wrong with Matthews’ knee earlier in the week, head coach Doug Pederson said “Nothing. Just rehabbing it and keeping it healthy.” When pressed further Pederson deferred to the team doctors and trainers, saying he was “not a medical guy.” A source later told ESPN that Pederson had forgotten the specific nature of the injury in the moment and did not want to give out the wrong information.

Wholesale Rakim Cox jersey A couple days later, a report surfaced raising the question of whether Matthews’ absence during the offseason training program was contact-related.

“There is talk around the locker room that Matthews’ issue is more serious than tendinitis. But there is talk elsewhere in the building that Matthews could have practiced more in the spring, that the real issue is his contract,” the Daily News wrote.

Matthews is in the final year of his rookie deal. There have been no signs to date that extension talks have gotten serious. Typically, the Eagles like to lock homegrown talent up to early if they have been identified as core pieces. That has not happened in this case, which is a little curious.

The former second-round pick out of Vanderbilt has averaged 75 catches, nearly 900 yards and six touchdowns over his three years in the pros. Part of an historic wide receiver class that includes Odell Beckham jersey, Jr., Mike Evans jersey, Sammy Watkins jersey jersey, Brandin Cooks jersey jersey, Kelvin Benjamin jersey jersey, Devante Adams and Jarvis Landry jersey jersey, Matthews has held his own. He is also considered a quality teammate and has grown tight with quarterback Carson Wentz jersey.

Matthews primarily works out of the slot, however, and there are a number of players on the team — from running backs Darren Sproles jersey and Donnel Pumphrey jersey to tight ends Zach Ertz jersey and Trey Burton jersey to receivers Nelson Agholor jersey and Torrey Smith jersey – that could see some looks there. Agholor had a very good spring inside during Matthews’ absence, though it’s very much in question whether he can be relied on when the fall hits.

Identifying Matthews’ value could be a bit tricky. His numbers are strong, but he could be the third wide receiver option now that Alshon Jeffery jersey jersey jersey and Torrey Smith jersey are in the fold. Can the cap-strapped Eagles afford to give significant money to Matthews, especially with a potential big deal for Jeffery on the horizon?

“I think things change by the year depending on what our team’s salary cap looks like and any of that stuff,” said Matthews, on the lack of serious contract talks to this point. “There’s so many things that go into it. I basically say, if you go out there and make plays, you’ll get paid … so I don’t really try and worry about all the other stuff. My biggest thing is, I am going to come out here and help the team win. If I do that, I feel like that’s going to set me up in the best position to be here long term.”

The injury further complicates matters. Matthews first hurt the knee last August when he was hit low in training camp. Labeled a bone bruise, the ailment lingered into the regular season. Later he suffered a high ankle sprain. Back spasms also cropped up. While he wouldn’t say the current issue is directly related to that original knee injury, Matthews did allow that this has been an ongoing saga brought on in part by overcompensation.

While there were moments when Matthews didn’t look quite 100 percent, he was back on the practice field as full-team practices kicked off Thursday. He plans to play and play hard, he says, despite his contract status.

“When I grew up, my parents were affluent. I never needed anything so when I played football, I played football for respect,” he said. “It was never, ‘OK, I’ve got to get to the league to get money to get my mom a house.’

“I respect anybody that has to do that but I never had to do that, so I never really played for money. I went across the middle because I wanted to make sure the guy across from me respected me. That’s not going to change. If anything, it just grows the older I get and the better competition I see.”

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